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Delhi Developer

A Web Designing Company In Delhi


eCommerce Websites

We build all sorts of websites, but eCommerce is our USP.

Business Information Websites

Bring your Brand an online presence.

Canvas Presentations

Do Powerpoint Presentations make you sleepy? Then check these Canvas Presentations.

Graphic Design

Be it Print Graphics or Graphics for Web, we can do it all.

Magento Based E-Commerce Websites

Magento is the most user friendly, robust and comprehensive back-end for a E-Commerce Websites. It provides a multiple user environment for the website back-end thereby allowing concurrently access to the catalog and content management system features of your website. Magento also allows different levels of privileges for different users, hence, providing a better internal security for you critical data.

Our company specializes in developing Magento based E-Commerce Websites that provide with the most user friendly interface and can handle traffic comparable to the most high-end websites.

Business Websites With The Most Modern Design Standards

Go online with your business and expand your reach with no limits. Web is the first place where a prospective customer will search for a business like yours. A good business website is not just an informative profile of your business but is also a status symbol. Clients and customers like to deal with those who move along with modern trends. And the trend of today is a good looking online website telling the whole story of your business.

Create product catalogs, business story timelines, inquiry forms and a lot more from your very own content management system that we will link with your website. Only your imagination will be the limit. Our company’s expert designers will give your website design and features that no other company can offer at the same price.

Revamp Old Websites

Are you and your customers bored of your old website developed with old design standards?

Then get yourself a new website based on Responsive Web-Design that makes your website work on a variety of devices including phones, tablets, laptops & desktops. Add modern image sliders, dynamic navigation, inquiry forms, responsive menus, maps for geo-location, search functionalities, blog posts, and a lot more that is there in modern web-designs. And make any changes to your website yourself using robust Content Management Systems that we provide you with.

The expert front end web designers & web developers of our company will give your website a look that will ensure that every aspect of your website is ahead of your competitors.

Just Click On The Start Button Twice And Then Click On Button To View The Presentation In Full Screen

Canvas Presentations

Canvas presentations are the latest way of creating presentations on a literally infinite canvas. Using technologies like impress.js, reveal.js, strut, prezi, deck.js CSSS, and fathom.js, we will create presentations that will give the biggest boost ever to your ability to explain a concept. And you will not need anything more than a web browser to run them. Canvas presentations is one of the top selling products of our company.

Unlike the linear flow of PowerPoint presentations, these presentations have an omni-directional flow of information. And also unlike PowerPoint presentations all that canvas presentation require is a web-browser. That is it, there is no other specific installed software required at all. Also unlike PowerPoint presentations, these presentations come in 3D (believe it).

As it is quite difficult to explain certain things with words, here’s a demo on the left, of a sample canvas presentation that shows what all can be done with them. So, just checkout the demo and then read along.

As by now you definitely want to know more about these presentations and what all you can do with them, so, here are some more demos to see what all is possible:-

Involvement Of The Client

Following the AGILE method of software development, we keep our client informed about each and every step of the development process. Our company  does not hide any details of the project from its clients.

All Projects Under Basecamp 3

We use basecamp for project management. And we add our customers as a team member in our basecamps, so, that the customers are aware of what’s happening in their project in each schedule, milestone, and everyday tasks.

One Point of Contact

At Delhi Developer you get a one point of contact to solve all your queries. Though we do our best to reply to all your queries on basecamp as soon as you post them, but, in case you are in any urgency, we are just one call away.

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