About Us

Delhi Developer is Delhi based IT-Company working on Web-Development & Graphic Design. Though we have successfully completed and launched various websites and web-services, but our specialization has always been eCommerce websites. And this excellence in the field of eCommerce Websites has been major reason for our success. Another most famous product of ours is Canvas Presentations, a new and unique way of presenting ideas on an infinite canvas. Apart from these two products we also offer various other services like Mobile App Development, Software Consultation, eCommerce Consultation, Digital Marketing, SEO, Business Websites, Personal Websites, Vector Graphics Based PowerPoint Presentations and Canvas Presentations. We also offer many supporting services like Logo Designing, Data Entry, Pamphlet Designing, Brochure Designing, Vector Graphics, etc.

Being situated near the heart of Delhi we intend to capture most of its market, and hence, we believe that every customer is an asset to us. To retain our customers and find new ones we offer our services at the most competitive rates, in fact we challenge our competitors that no other Delhi based IT-Company offers the same services, of same quality, at the same price. We believe that the design is as much important as much as functionality is in our projects because if a product is not impressive it is not productive either.

Our Way of Working

Team Communication

We beleive that client is a part of the teamworking on the project. We use G-Suite tools like Google Sites, Google Calendars, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, Google Groups & Google Drive to their full advantage to keep the team communication always active.

Agile Strategy

We follow the Agile strategy of Project Management and therefore are regular in making communication with the client. We beleive that an idea has no timing and can come at any time in between the project. We are always flexible to new ideas. We always create sample designs or prototypes before starting the actual development of the end product.

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery of the final product is so critical for us that we very often end up completing our projects far before our deadlines. We offer out products with a commitment of completion on schedule. To accomplish this we schedule every stage of a project on Basecamp’s Calendar and every day tasks are always listed on ToDo-List of Basecamp a day before.