Canvas Presentations

The Next Big Thing In Presentations

Express Your Ideas On A Literally Infinite Canvas

Canvas Presentations are the most modern form of presenting your ideas. The combine the best of both worlds of PowerPoint and a Whiteboard. In fact this time the whiteboard is infinite, literally. These presentations are html based and allow you to create slides of different scales. Instead of a linear flow of slides you have an omni-directional flow of information where the navigation is completely in your control.

Infinite Canvas

Infinite here means that you can put 2 different object with a huge difference in scale together in the same presentation. Like, a world map and a small text written on your sign board can be represented in the same presentation. And to scale it even bigger you can show that world map on a globe in one slide and that globe inside a solar system in another slide. And the flow from one slide will not be a linear flow but a zoom-in and zoom-out flow. Hope you get the idea!

Vector Images

Being an HTML5 presentation simply means that you don’t need any special software to run these presentations other than a Web-Browser. These days every device, be a smartphone or a laptop, has a web-browser. You will be able to run these presentations on any HTML5 based browsers which include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and many more.

Embedded Videos & Audio

Make any video an integral part of your presentation. These videos can be from Youtube, Vimeo or a direct video file. Impress your audience by engaging thm further into your presentations by such audio visual content.

Certain Things Are Best Understood When You See Them With Your Own Eyes

Here Is A Sample
Just Click Inside The Box & Press Right (& Left) Button To Naigate Through The Presentation



Single Canvas Presentation

Pay Per Slide Package
Rs. 2,000/Slide
  • Professionally Designed HTML5 Based Canvas Presentation
  • Run In Any Web-Browser Using Just A Hyperlink
  • An Executable File To Run Directly On Windows Or Mac (No Saparate Software Needed)
  • Embed Presentations On Your Websites
  • Compatible With Mobile Devices
  • Embedded Videos
  • Info-Graphics
  • Basecamp Based Project Management