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Now Buy Your Domain Name Directly From Us – Delhi Developer
We Are Now Also Into Domain Name Selling
Just Visit:

We are proud to announce that we are now into domain name selling too. Now you can buy your domains names directly from us at some of the lowest market rates. Just visit domains.delhideveloper.com, search for your domain names, make payment and get started with your new website projects. We also have one of the lowest domain renewal rates in the market. The best thing is you don’t have to change your nameservers of your domain if we are developing your website. These domain names already come linked with our nameservers. See more

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Our New Collaboration with Shutterstock – Delhi Developer
Our New Collaboration with Shutterstock

We are proud to announce that See more

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Launching – Our New Software Maintenance Support Portal – Delhi Developer
Launching – Our New Software Maintenance

We are proud to announce that we have just launched a brand new Software Maintenance Support Portal for all our existing and new customers. Now you don’t even need to make a phone call to explain any maintenance requests for your websites or mobile apps. Just create a support ticket on support.delhideveloper.com, and we will resolve your maintenance issues and requirements within 24 working hours. This portal is 24/7 online, so, you can can create a support ticket any time of the day and any day of the year. Services of this portal are free with all Software Development Packages and Annual Maintenance Contracts. See more

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How To Create Your Own Bulk Email Server Using Virtualmin & PHPList on a VPS running Ubuntu 14.04? –

Or You Can Just Let Us Do It For You!
You can also drop us an email or call us in case you want us to do all the hectic tasks for you to give you your personal email server. All we charge is a $100 per server deployment. Apart from that you only have to pay your hosting company per month for the VPS. Once deployed you can run it for as long as you want to.
Why create your own Bulk Email Server?
1. Very Low Cost:

All that a bulk costs you is a $10/month. This is only the cost of the cheapest VPS that you will need to create your own bulk email server. Everything else, including the Operating System, Control Panel, Application Software is free. At least the ones that we are going to use in this tutorial are free.
2. Add Unlimited Subscribers
In your own bulk email server, you will be able to add as many subscribers as you want there will be no restrictions or extra cost for adding more subscribers. On the contrary, MailChimp is free only till 2000 subscribers.
3. Send Unlimited Campaigns and Newsletters
Using your own bulk email server you can send as many campaigns or newsletters as many time you want in a month, a week or a day.On the contrary, MailChimp is free only till 12000 emails per month.
4. Very Easy To Use
Though this process of creating this server might be a little technical. But once it has been deployed, it is very easy to use. The bulk email software called PHPList that we will be using in this tutorial is very simple and mostly self-explanatory.
What You Will Need?

A VPS with 2GB RAM Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Preinstalled: that you would have bought from a hosting company. Remember you don’t need those VPS with a cPanel installed. You can buy much cheaper VPS on DigitalOcean or Linode. A 2GB RAM VPS at Linode costs merely $10 a month and that is what we will be using in this tutorial.
Why Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Only?
We will be using Ubuntu 14.04 only because firstly it is a long term support version. And secondly, this is the only version in which setting up the server will be a breeze. I have faced issues in Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7 & even CentOS 6. And since we want our server setup to not have any extra glitches to be fixed we will go for the tried and tested Ubuntu 14.04.
Putty: is an SSH client which will be used to access our VPS and run commands on it. You can download it here.
A New Domain Name: you will need a separate domain name for your email server. If the domain name of the website of your is abc.com then just buy abcmail.com for your email marketing. But don’t use the same domain name for your official and marketing emails. So, that if the marketing emails go into spam then the official emails are not hampered.
PHPList: PHPList is a free and open source bulk email software that can be downloaded here.
Virtualmin: Virtualmin is the control panel that we will be using to control our VPS and various application servers that will be installed on it.

So, let’s get started.
Steps To Create Your Own Bulk Email Server
1. Create a VPS (with 2GB RAM & Ubuntu 14.04) and Access it remotely through Putty.
2. Setup the Glue Records & Nameservers For Your New Server.
3. Change the hostname to your domain name.
Check: hostnameChange:-
1. hostname host.yourdomain.com
2. Change /etc/hostname: cat /etc/hostname then vi /etc/hostname
3. Change /etc/hostscat /etc/hosts
cat /etc/hosts
vi /etc/hosts
Now change/add host.yourdomain.com
Change:- (CentOS)1.vi /etc/sysconfig/networkHOSTNAME=host.elanzaexportmail.com2.vi /etc/sysconfig/networkAdd a new line.IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER host.elanzaexportmail.com host3.Run: hostname host.elanzaexportmail.com4.Run: /etc/init.d/network restart
Now check again: hostname then hostname -f
Then relogin to check if it reflects in the command prompt:-shutdown -r now
# install wgetCentOS: yum install wgetUbuntu: apt-get install wget

# Update the system:
apt-get update
Though virtualmin installation will try to update the syystem itself. But its a good habit to do it yourself.
CentOS: Yum updateUbuntu: apt-get updateIf it is stuck at 0% : 0% Then use this solution:-https://askubuntu.com/questions/574569/apt-get-stuck-at-0-connecting-to-us-archive-ubuntu-comorhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/620317/apt-get-update-stuck-connecting-to-security-ubuntu-comRun: vi /etc/gai.confchange line ~54 to uncomment the following: precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

# create a new downloads folder inside the root foldercreate a new virtualmin folder inside the downloads folder
# Download Virtualmin Install Script
wget https://delhideveloper.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/install.zip
You can also download the latest script from another URL:-
wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh
(But don’t do it as the latest script installs PHP7 which has some problems with phplist)
# goto the downloads folder and run the scriptsh install.sh

** It will ask you before running the script with a warning that if your operating system is not listed above then installation will fail.Select y & enter
# After installation is complete in half an hour.Visit: https:your_vps_ip_address:10000Eg: https:

# Virtualmin Post Installation Wizard Starts
1.This post-installation wizard allows you to configure Virtualmin optimally for your system. You can make selections depending on whether you want to host websites, email or databases, and based on your system’s memory and CPU power.To continue, click the Next button below. To skip it and use the default settings, click Cancel.
2. Preload Virtualmin libraries? YesRun email domain lookup server? Yes
3.Run ClamAV server scanner? YesIf error show, then run below commands and try again:-/usr/bin/freshclam/usr/sbin/clamd
4.Run SpamAssassin server filter? Yes
5.Run MySQL database server? YesRun PostgreSQL database server? Yes
6. Enter MySQL Password
7. Check: Huge system (2G or more) on which MySQL is heavily used
8.Primary nameserver: ns1.elanzaexportmail.comSecondary nameservers (optional): ns2.elanzaexportmail.comCheck: Skip check for resolvability
9. Check: Only store hashed passwords
10. Installation wizard is complete.Click Next

# Install the new themeClick on the switch theme button in the message.
# Click on: Recheck & Refresh Configuration button.Wait for the message: your system is ready for use by Virtualmin.
# Verifify that all the Servers are running.
# Update packages.Then refresh available packages. To see this message: “found 0 possible updates”.

# Just check the list of DNS Zones in Bind DNS once.
# Now create a new Virtual Machine for the primary domain.
1. In virtualmin click on create new Virtual Server.
2. Enter domain name and password in the form.In enabled features: Check everything including:Setup SSL website too?Setup IP-based virtual FTP?
Click on “Create Server” Button.Let the script run completely.
4. Check if the new DNS Zone has been created for elanzaexportmail.comGoto: Webmin->Servers->Bind DNS Server.Click on All.Verify that it has ns1, ns2 and host entries as A records.
3. Now log out and log in with the domain name followed by port number.https://elanzaexportmail.com:10000
# Install SSL Certificate on the new Virtual Server.Goto: Virtualmin.Ensure the right Virtual Machine is selected on the top.Goto: Server Configuration->Manage SSL Certificate.Click on last tab (Let’s Encrypt).Check: “Domain names listed here”.Enter the following domain names:- elanzaexportmail.com www.elanzaexportmail.com host.elanzaexportmail.comClick on “Request Certificate”.
Update: Don’t install it for host.delhidevelopermail.tk as it will have problems in renewal. You can use “delhidevelopermail.tk:10000” instead of “host.delhidevelopermail.tk:1000” after the Virtual Server has been created for the domain.
# Install the same SSL certificate to Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot, Postfix, ProFTPD.Restart chrom to see if the SSL certificate reflects.Again click on “Manage SSL Certificate”.

# Create a new MySQL database and user for this Virtual Machine.1. Goto Virtualmin->Edit DatabasesClick on “create a new database” Button.In “Additional Options”:Select UTF-* for encodingAnd utf8_general_ci for CollationEnter the database name (phplistdatabase) and click “Create” button.
2.Goto Virtualmin->Edit UsersClick on “Add a new User to this server” button.Inthe “Virtual domain user details” tabl enter the user email (phplistuser) and password.In the “other user permissions” tab, add the newly created database in the “Grant Access To” list.Click on create.From the users list copy the “IMAP/POP/FTP Login” value from the table for the new user. This will be the MySQL username.
But wait: sometimes Virtualmin changes the username for the MySQL users because of the limited length of MySQL usernames.So goto: Webmin->Servers->MySQL Database Server->User Permissions and check to see if the username is there listed there. If the username is different from what you expected than note it down. User this different username for MySQL for everything else the normal username will do perfectly fine.

# Log out and login to the virtual machine.
# Install PHP List.You can also follow these instructions:-https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch028_installation.xhtml
1. Goto Webmin->Others->File Manager
2. Create a new directory by the name: phplist
3. Get the link of latest phplist:-Goto: https://www.phplist.org/download-phplist/Click on “Downoad Zip”.Copy the direct link from the sourceforge page.
4. In Webmin File Manager:-Goto File-> Download From Remote URLPaste the copied URL.Leave the username and password empty.Run.
5. Rename the file to “phplist.zip”.
6. Extract the zip file.
7. Inside that new extracted folder goto the “/public_html/lists/” folder and copy all its contents to the phplist folder created by us.(Note: Don’t confust this public_html folder with the public_html folder of your server.)
8. Remove the zip and its extracted folder from the phplist folder.
9. Edit phplist/config/config.php through Webmin File Manager.In the config file set the following values:- $database_host = ‘localhost’; $database_name = ‘phplistdatabase’; // Name of the MySQL database that you created for PHPList $database_user = ‘phplistuser.elanzaexportmail’; // Name of the MySQL User that you created for PHPList $database_password = ‘Elanza@123’; // Your password for Virtual ServerChange $pageroot value:- $pageroot = ‘/phplist’;Set the value of defined constant ‘TEST’ to 0:- define(‘TEST’, 1); To define(‘TEST’, 0);Set the name of SMTP Server:- define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘elanzaexportmail.com’);Set SMTP Username & Password:- $phpmailer_smtpuser = ‘phplistuser.elanzaexportmail’; $phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘Elanza@123’;Set SMTP Port Number:- define(‘PHPMAILERPORT’,587);Set SMTP Security Protocol to ‘tls’:- define(“PHPMAILER_SECURE”,’tls’);
# Now visit : https://elanzaexportmail.com/phplist/You will see a database error because there are no tables in the database.
# Now visit : https://elanzaexportmail.com/phplist/admin/There will be a message: “Database has not been initialised. go to Initialise Database to continue”.
Click on “Initialise Database” link.

# On the “Initialise The Database” pageEnter your own name, company name, the email address of the same MySQL user “phplistuser@elanzaexport.com“Password.
Click continue.
Notice that the initial username will be “admin”.
# In the next pageThe tables will be made.Now just click on “Subscribe” to receive latest updates (if you want).
# Then on the same page click on “PHP List Setup” page.

# Now just logout and login again to see the complete menu.The username is again: adminPassword is just as you had set.

# Click on Campaigns>Send Campaign.Click on “Start a new Campaign”.Enter any Campaign subject and message.Scroll down to the send test.
# Now open a new tab and visit: dkimvalidator.comCopy the email address from the field that says: “Here is a random address that you can use:”.This email will be something like: random_text@dkimvalidator.com.Paste this email to the “Send Test” field of the phplist tab, paste this email address.Click on “send test” button. When page refreshes. Click on “Add Email” button. Then Click on “Send Test” button again.
# Now in the DKIM validator tab again and click on results.Keep on refreshing the page until it says “I haven’t received an email to random_test@dkimvalidator.com“.Notice that the DKIM test failed in the results.This is because phplist is using default php mail function instead of the SMTP server (named Postfix) installed while installing Virtualmin.

# Now login to the Virtualmin as root.Goto Virtualmin->Email Messages->DomainKeys identified MailIf “DKIM filter package” has not been previously installed, then you will se an “Install” button.Click on that button to install the “DKIM filter package”.After the installation finishes click on “Return to DKIM Form” button.Select “Yes” for “Signing of outgoing mail enabled?”.In the “Selector for DKIM record name” type current year. Don’t use “default” DKIM selector, it sometimes does not work in Virtualmin.Click on “Save” button.

# Now lets enable email encryption in Postfix:-Goto: Webmin->Servers->Postfix Mail Server->SMTP Client OptionsCheck “Yes” for “Use TLS for SMTP connections” option. This will help you send Encrypted Emails. And no gmail user one will see those red locks in the emails sent by you.Click “Save and Apply”.

# One last thing:- (Very Important)There is something called Reverse DNS.It means that your IP Address should resolve to your hostname.But this is something in control of your VPS Hosting company.You will need to ask them to change the reverse DNS value to your hostname.Some hosts do it automatically like DigitalOvcean.Some also provide an interface to do it, like Linode does.In Linode goto Linodes->Select Your Linode->Remote Access->Reverse DNS.Now enter your hostname for the reverse DNS. And save.Use whatsmydns.net to check PTR records which is the reverse DNS record.Reverse DNS can take upto 24 hours to propagate globally.

# You can also use this very amazing tool to test if the emails are going properly or debug email sending:-https://www.adminkit.net/smtp_diag_tool.aspxI used the same tool to realise that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has some problems with Postfix in Ubuntu and should not be used to create such a mass mailing server.

# Create a directory named “uploadimages” in the public_html of the Virtual Machine.This folder will contain all the images that will be uploaded to be sent with the emails.1. Goto: Webmin->Others->File Manager2. Click on Edit->create Directory3. Name the directory: “uploadimages”DONE.

# Install Image Magic for sending images with the emails:-These commands will install imagemagic for PHP5.5 in Ubuntu 14.04.These can be found here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/560696/having-problems-installing-imagemagick-on-ubuntu-14-041. sudo apt-get install imagemagick2. sudo apt-get install php5-imagick3. sudo php5enmod imagick4. sudo service apache2 gracefulOtherwise you will see this error while uploading images.”Cannot find any of the supported PHP image extensions!” See more

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Free Kundli Match Making App – delhideveloper.com
Launching – Free Kundli Match Making App
Download it here:

Free Kundli Match Making App is a free Indian Astrology App that contains four different types of predictions namely Manglik Dosha Details, Vedha Dosh Details, Ashtakoot Details & Planetary Details. Using these comparisons this app generates both, a basic comparison report and a complete matching report.

This app is completely free and there is no hidden fees or charges.

To request more features in this app you can just comment on this page:
https://delhideveloper.com/free-kundli-match-making/ See more

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Launching a New Product : Mobile App for WordPress Bloggers – delhideveloper.com
Launching – Mobile App for

Mobile App for WordPress Bloggers is a new product being offered by Delhi Developer to all the WordPress Bloggers who want to move to the mobile app space of their subscribers before their competitors do. Using this mobile app you can connect to your subscribers, attract more sponsors and double your earnings through Google Ad-Mob mobile app ads. This is a hybrid android mobile app based on high end technologies the Ionic 3.0, Angular 4, TypeScript, SASS & Apache Cordova. All a blogger has to do is install our API plugin on their blog and purchase the app from our website. The app will be completely customized to match the website theme of each blogger with multiple options to choose. See more

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Why PHP Is Still Alive & How Long Will It Live? – delhideveloper.com
The biggest irony is that this question is about a

Not Strictly Typed
As if we had not heard this one before, but, not being strictly typed sometimes becomes critically dangerous for business logic dealing with a lots of numbers.

Not As Scalable As Programming Languages Like Python
PHP was not designed for scalability. Simplicity of PHP never let it become scalable enough. It would be madness to develop an software as big as an ERP in PHP.

Designed For Web & Only Web?
PHP was designed to be used only for the web and not for desktop applications which is the reason that it could never compete with other programming languages that could be used to develop just about any kind of application.

Failure of Framework Like Zend
Configuration over convention is something that just did not work for PHP. Zend could have been a framework that could have taken PHP to another level, and more suitable for business applications, being a framework that allowed very high flexibility. But in order to make it too flexible its developers made it extremely complicated and at the end not many developers used the framework and not many are following its version 2 and 3. If it wasn’t for Magento than the legacy of Zend would have been nearly over.

A Framework Like Laravel Only Came As Late As 2011
Before laravel PHP had very less edge over other frameworks for rapid application development and prototyping. Laravel being a really good framework based on “code by convention” did not come until mid 2011. Considering PHP exists since 1995, it could only get a new life after 14 years.

Many Good Cometitors Came In PHP’s Lifetime?
PHP has seen many good competitors in its lifetime. First, it was java which was not good enough to criticise the simplicity of PHP. Then Ruby on Rails, which was good for rapid application development but not as easy as PHP. Then came .NET Framework (C# & VB.NET) with its own Windows stack which alone was the reason it could never beat PHP. Then cam Python which was scalable but in many cases slower than PHP. All these programming languages were really good competitors and were according to some were even good enough to kill PHP.

Not for Enterprise?
Zend was the last attempt to make PHP suitable for the enterprise an did it fail in this or what? PHP might never be considered for enterprise level software.

Why Is It Still Alive?

It was made for the web from the start

As its recursive name suggests PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) was made for the web from the start and that is the purpose that it serves pretty well. In fact it might be interesting to know that initially its full form was Personal Home Page.

Shared Hosting (cPanel)

This might seem like a reason not very much related to the programming language itself. But, it is one of the major reasons for its success. Lets admit it, PHP developers have the options of using the cheapest hosting plans due to shared hosting software like cPanel. This makes PHP ideal for small Software Development Companies and websites of small businesses. Who would buy a VPS or a Dedicated Server for websites so small. Even though there is a really good control panel like Plesk available for hosting ASP.NET applications. But then you also have to consider the cost of Windows stack for software development. On the contrary the PHP stack can be completely free.

It Is Damn Cheap

Developing PHP applications can be very cost effective in many cases. Firstly, the development stack (as mentioned in the previous point) is completely free due to things like LAMP, WAMP and XAMPP (my personal favorite). Then PHP developers are usually paid less compared to developers of most of the other programming languages which further decreases the cost of software development.

Mostly Open Source

One can find tons of open source libraries for PHP development. And thanks to online open source free directories for PHP libraries like Packagist (for Composer) and GitHub, you can find open source PHP projects for many purposes. This helps in avoiding the reinventing of the wheel and saves a lots of development time (and hence money). Not to mention thanks to Composer, dependency management in PHP is now a piece of cake.

Code is Open

PHP code is not compiled to either machine language or any other bytecode or CIL kind of an intermediate language. It is directly interpreted. Which means that you have direct access to all the source code of all the libraries, plugins or packages that you use, regardless of the fact that whether they are proprietary or not. This helps you in customizing any third party code that you are using in your project.

Saved By WordPress

Nearly 25% of the web is made of WordPress and WordPress has been made in PHP. WordPress was initially used to just create blogs in PHP. Then people started using it to create entire static websites. And now thanks to a very large library of plugins, WordPress is now used for to create websites for various purposes, for instance WooCommerce plugin is used to create E-Commerce websites.

Saved by Laravel

Laravel is the most famous PHP framework at the time of writing this article. It is based on MVC architecture and strongly prefers “convention over configuration”. It works with composer, has its own CLI, and has built in unit testing tools. Laravel has made development in PHP very simple and more organized.

Everyone Loves Simplicity

PHP is one of the easiest web-development languages out their. Not being strictly type cast helps a lot in saving time spent in writing some extra code and debugging. Sometimes what variables you will need in a function is not clear in advance and PHP doesn’t expect to be so either. Using Laravel rapid prototyping in PHP has be come a breeze.

Who Cares About Scalability From The Start

PHP was not built for scalability. But Who cares about scalability when your project is not large enough for such a concept to even matter. Mark Zuckerberg did not think about it while creating Facebook as a college student. When projects are small enough and budgets are limited PHP can be the best bet for new startups which can later switch to other platforms if they have that much money in future. PHP gets things done in a cost effective manner and hence sometimes is the only option.

So Is It Still In Danger?
Oh yes PHP is in serious danger this time! There are new competitors in the market and the most famous one is the mighty Node.js. But to replace PHP Node.js or other new programming languages (like Google’s very own “Go”), will need to have many factors in their favor which are in favour of PHP right now.
In fact, there is a new article coming very soon about “Why Node.js Has Not Replaced PHP Yet?”.

Then How Long Will It Live?
Well, being more than 2 decades old, it has already outlived expectations of almost everyone who knows about it. But if a better CMS, E-Commerce platform, hosting control panel is create for Node.js then very soon PHP might decline much faster than we think. With the advent of Single Page Applications for the web and mobile apps, it is nearly certain that a JavaScript will be the preferred language for full stack developers for both server side and client side scripting. Hiring a single developer for both server and client side scripting will definitely save money for the corporate, which can already be seen in the case study of PayPal. Predicting when Node.js will replace PHP is very difficult. But just for a thoughtful guess, if things go the way they are already going, PHP should not live any longer than 5 to 10 more years. But. You never know! See more

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We Just Revamped Our Own Website! – delhideveloper.com

1 year ago

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We Just Re-branded Ourselves – delhideveloper.com

1 year ago

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Happy Dushehra To All Delhi Developer Followers – delhideveloper.com

1 year ago

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Launching NaujawanIndia.com – delhideveloper.com
Launching – A Website That Highlights Preferences Of Indian Youth
Have a look:

NaujawanIndia.com is a website in search of preferences of Indian Youth. It is based on a very interesting concept of capturing the political will of Indian youth whenever an important political decision is made. Apart from political preferences the website also tends to capture the preference of Indian youth regarding various big brands. To know more about the concept, please, visit their about us page. See more

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Launching Mobile App for PrachyaKarma – delhideveloper.com
Launching – A Spiritual Android Mobile App for an Astrology Company
Have a

Prachya Parv Pvt. Ltd. is a company providing astrology services all over the Globe. It is a spiritual company that believes in providing accurate astrology predictions and remedies. They provide completely free Horoscope, Daily Prediction, Panchang, Match Making & Numerology services on their website. Their USP is their “Ask Panditji” service in which they provide accurate answers from qualified astrologers to any question for a nominal cost. These questions might be related to Business, Health, Education, Finance, Job, Marriage, Property, Travel, Children, Loans, Foreign Travel, Elections, Relationships& a lot more. See more

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Launching PrachyaKarma.com – Delhi Developer
Launching – A Spiritual Website for an Astrology Company
Have a look: prachyakarma.com

Prachya See more

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We Are Now Into Mobile App Development Too – Delhi Developer

Introducing our new service. We are now into mobile app See more

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Someone Asked Us :
How long does it take a designer to make a complete Online Shopping Website ?

See The Answer

Ask Your Own Question :
https://delhideveloper.com/dwqa-ask-question/ See more

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Launching GTBLaptopSpares.com – Delhi Developer
Launching – A ECommerce Website for a Laptop Spare Parts Trading Company
Have a look:

GTB Laptop Spares is a computer hardware trading company based in the Computer Hub of Delhi, Nehru Place. They deal in all kinds of computer spare parts, laptop spare parts and mobile spare parts. They have already been selling their products online on various marketplaces. And are now launching their own e-commerce website to directly reach end customers. See more

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Five Misconceptions Clients Have About Software Development – Delhi Developer
Software Development being a

(Courtesy Google Search)
Or you might have seen flex banners around your city saying “website banwaayein Rs.5000 mein (get your website in Rs.5000)” . This is where the impression comes from that software development should be cheap.
The truth is that IT IS NOT CHEAP.
We need to understand some basic economics here. Even a fresher software developer is paid Rs.15000/month and takes at least 25 days to complete a good website project. Assuming that a freelancing fresher was working on your website instead of getting his Rs.15000/month by working in a company. The cost of development from his side would be Rs.12,500. How can he make any profit then.
Good things don’t come cheap. You either pay less and be forever dissatisfied with the product that you were delivered. Or you hire qualified professionals and get a software that brings profit to your business. Its sometimes very difficult to explain to clients why we charge a particular amount, especially when the client has seen ads like the one above.
3. Software Development Should Not Take Much Time!
The time taken by a software development project depends upon many factors, But the two main factors are number of functionalities and their complexity. Sometimes its difficult to explain to a client why a functionality that looks too simple, might actually be very difficult and time taking to implement. I have often heard phrases from clients like “This should not take more than an hour. Should It?”. Well sometimes it takes lot more than an hour to do something while developing a software.
If a clients wants the functionalities implemented in the optimum way. Then you have to give the developer proper time to design, implement and test that functionality. If you are short of time and can’t give the developer the required time to develop it than be prepared to find more bugs and lack of scalability in that functionality. A good developer would usually not agree to implement a functionality if not given proper time. Doing quality work should be most important to good developers.
Often the time duration of a project is elongated because of a change in client requirements in between a project. This can happen when the client does not have a good enough plan in advance. Developer may need more data and content from the client to complete the software. Any delay in providing the required information to the developer can also sometimes delay projects. Both the client and the developer have to be serious enough about the project, to not delay it beyond what is acceptable by either of them.
In the service industry, time is money, and that is what we charge our clients for, our time. The time estimation of software development can have some plus minus error but not much.
4. Its Okay To Have a Vague Idea of What you Want In A Software!
In fact the first thing we ask from our prospective clients, is that, if they have a clear idea of what they want from the software or not. You better give project to a software developer only when you have a clear idea of what you want. Till than you can consult the software developer for his suggestions. But there is no point in assigning a project of which the functionalities have not been finalized. Change in some minor requirements of the project during development is okay, but you cannot make big changes in the software without changes in design, duration & cost of the project.
5. Your Software Developer Is Completely Responsible For Making Your Business Idea Profitable!
Well the second thing we ask to our clients, is that, if they have done enough work on planning their business idea or not. Lets say you want a developer to create an e-commerce mobile application that sells window blinds online. Now there has to be some research on your part, whether people or companies who buy window blinds actually would install a mobile app to do so. And weather people prefer to buy such things online.
Of course a developer can help you in this research, but, a developer alone cannot be responsible for it. You cannot blame your developer if your product does not perform in the market. Getting a software developed is one thing, and marketing & implementation of a business is another. You better be prepared with a good enough budgeting & planning for the marketing of your business. There are various ways of marketing online businesses like Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click advertisement.
You should plan all the processes of your business in advance. Things may not always fall the way you planned. But a bad plan would be better than no plan. Planning requires a lots of work and decision making. You should complete this work in time before you miss the window of opportunity to get started with your business idea. If during planning n case you are stuck on a decision for too long, just remember that sometimes a wrong decision is better than indecision. Just take a good enough looking decision and move on to the next step in planning. The more you plan, the least time will be wasted during and after the software development on decisions that should have been decided in advance.
Clients having misconceptions regarding the process of software development is very common. It is also the responsibility to clear these doubts and misconceptions about the process. And a clients too must have enough trust in the developer to believe them regarding their experience and knowledge of the process. Software development if one such process which requires nearly equal roles & responsibility from both the client & the developer for success in the quality software development. See more