Revamp Old Websites

And Bring A New Life To Your Online Presence

Convert Your Boring Old Websites Into Qualified Leads Converting Machines

Web Designing trends have changed very rapidly in some years. Now modern design techniques follow the mobile first approach rather than a desktop first approach. Websites now have to be responsive, contain dynamic navigation elements, be integrated with Social Media API’s, and have more than one ways of collecting prospective customers information. Websites are no more used just an online catalog, but also as a new way to connect to your prospective clients.

Responsive Design

Websites with responsive web-design adjust their contents automatically according to the width of the screen on which they are being viewed. This simply means that your website will work on mobile phones as well as other devices with varying screen widths.

Integration With Google Analytics & Facebook Insights

Google Analytics and Facebook Insights let you track various demographics of the people who visit your website. Using these tools a you can track how good your website is doing and people of what demographics are interested in your products the most.


Inquiry Forms

We strategically place inquiry form and their links in various places in your website asking only minimal required information that can give you qualified leads. We also strategically place buttons that say “Call Us” using which a prospective clients can directly call you if they are viewing your website on a phone and you can then directly convert these calls to leads.


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