Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Let Your Customers Find Your Website Among The First Few On Search Engines

Get Optimized For Search Engines Before Your Competitors Do

Search Engine Optimization is simply to increase your chances of getting on top of search engine results when your customers search using some specific keywords. An SEO campaign involves a variety of tasks, including,  strategically putting keywords in the text of your website, linking your website with social media, indexing your website on Google & Bing,


We will index your website on more than a dozen search engines. These search engines than rank your web page according to the various criteria that we will improve in your website.

Social Media

Social media websites being one of the most trusted websites by search engines, play a very important role in SEO. We will create and manage your profiles on these social media websites and update it regularly with latest plagiarism free content that will boost your ranks on search engine websites.


We will not just help you in deciding on the special offers and deals that you should offer, but will also make sure that these offers, deals and premium products reach the most prospective customers through email marketing, social media and many other online marketing channels.


Search Engine Optimization

Increase Your Organic Leads
Rs. 20,000/Month

  • Registration On 14 Different Indexing Websites (Including Google & Bing)
  • Creation And Maintenance of All Social Media Profiles (Including Facebook & Twitter)
  • Integration of Website With Your Social Media Web Pages
  • Marketing Emails To Prospective Clients (12000/Month)
  • Management Of Website Content (Including Keywords Placement)
  • Registration On Google Business
  • Track Your Visitors With Google Analytics & Facebook Insights
  • Online Survey Forms (12/Month)
  • Direct Consultation For Marketing & Product Pricing Strategies

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