Digital Marketing

Be The First One To Take A Lead

Take Your Advertisements Online – The Most Efficient Marketing Platform

Digital marketing are online ads that you see with search engine results and websites. These ads if targeted to the desired outcomes can give a huge initial boom to the campaign of your website. Digital marketing not only brings new customers & sales, but does it with a very high efficiency compared to other marketing platforms.


Declare Your Arrival

Digital Marketing with ads in the initial phase of any website campaign gives a huge boost to its ability to grow its customer base at a fast pace. Research has shown that using Digital Marketing at an initial phase of a campaign is much more efficient for a business than using it at a much later phase.


Connect Your eCommerce Website To Google Shopping Ads

Connect your eCommerce websites with the google shopping ads and let your customers find your product name with price and product page link, right when they search for that product by name on google. These ads let the customers compare your products with the similar offering from other companies, hence, it is suggested that you use google shopping ads for your most exclusive and premier products.

Dynamic Display Ads

Dynamic Display Ads make the website display ads more interactive and attractive. Customers tend to click on dynamic ads more often compared to text only ads, hence, bringing more prospective customers to your website. And that is not just it. Dynamic Display Ads are also more cost effective compared to search engine advertisements.


Digital Marketing Management 6-Months Package

Find New Leads Through Ads
Rs. 500/6-Months
  • Free Graphic Design Services For All Advertisements
  • Creating & Managing Unlimited Google Search Ads *
  • Creating & Managing Unlimited Google Display Ads *
  • Creating & Managing Unlimited Facebook Campaigns *
  • Creating & Managing Unlimited Twitter Ads *
  • Creating & Managing Unlimited Linked-In Ads *
  • Creating & Managing Advertisement on JustDial *
  • Creating & Managing Advertisement on Sulekha *
  • Creating & Managing 50 Shopping Ads on Google Merchant. (For any extra Shopping Ads on Google Merchant You Would Be Charged Rs.5000/- per 50 Ads) *
  • Also Please Note: That the above fees for paid advertisements is for creation and management of these paid advertisements. The costs of advertisement services would have to be financed by the client only. All these advertisement service providers are prepaid based only.
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