Why I Wish To Join Toptal

Yes! we believe that after years of experience of doing both regional and off-shore work, I should apply for for freelancing at Toptal. We have worked on both elance and then upwork (aquired elance) in the past but too many applicants in these platforms makes it too much difficult to get good projects at the right price. With too many people quoting much below the genuine and reasonable price, it becomes completely uneconomical to bid competitively. Can’t say if those extremely low bids are spam or real people ready to work for pieces of peanuts. But Toptal being probably the only platform to select the top 3% of the developers, should be the best option for us. I wish to apply as a freelancer on Toptal as I believe that I deserve to be in those top 3%.

After having worked on some very complicated & difficult projects, I have gained enough confidence to apply for the Toptal Web Engineering Group. I have just applied on Toptal to join the Toptal Web Engineering Group and am eagerly waiting for the interview and then approval. Wish me luck!

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