How much does it cost to get a website built ?

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I am an owner of a furniture store. I want a website to showcase my products to my customers but not sell them online. How much will such a website cost. And how long will it take to be created?

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Delhi Developer
Mar 13, 2017

It depends on your REQUIREMENTS.
By requirements we mean that the kind of features you need in a website. By functionality websites can be broadly categorized into the following:-

  1. A Business Information Website
    A business information website is just an informative ebsite that describes your business and its products/services. This will cost anywhere near Rs.30,000/- to Rs.50,000/- depending upon the required functionalities you require in the website.
  2. An E-Commerce Website
    An E-Commerce Website is a website in which you can not just show your catalog online but can also let your customers make a purchase. These websites can cost anywhere from Rs.50,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/- again depending upon the kind of functionalities you need in the website.
  3. A Custom Website
    These are the websites that can not be categorized into the above two categories. These are simply the websites that need some custom features to be developed. A custom feature can be any where from an employee data management to a complete social media website. The price of these websites cannot be decided until you share your exact requirements with your developer.

The bottom line is:-
Cost of a website depends upon your requirements. And these requirements are the functionalities that you need in the website. The more complex a required functionality is the more will be the cost of the website development service. This is because the development time of a software increases as the complexity of its functionalities increases. And in the services industry TIME IS MONEY and you are charged for the time given to your project by highly technical individuals.

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