Question Asked by ClientsCategory: QuestionsI want my developer to do the coding at my own office? Where can I get such a programmer?
Shubham Khurana asked 2 years ago

I have a business idea for which I want a website and a mobile app. The business idea is very confidential for me. I don’t want to share it with too many people.

I also want that the source code of my website should be share with anyone. The source code of the website is very confidential for me. I want to have all the rights and access to the source code. I want the developer to come to my office and create the source code on the system that I will provide to him.

I fear that if the developer has access to the source code than he can sell it to someone. if this happens than my business idea will be stolen and I will loose all the advantage of being the first one to come u with it.

Where can I find a developer that will come to my office and do the coding. Also can you please suggest any alternatives that how else can my software’s source code be safe from being stolen.

1 Answers
Delhi Developer Staff answered 2 years ago

The Best way would be to use a GitHub Private Repository.
Look at this answer I gave about the advantages of using a GitHub private repository on Quora.com:-
Private repositories come with paid accounts of GitHub. The pricing for these paid accounts is very low. Have a look at the pricing of the GitHub Developer Account.