When a real developer meets ChatGPT

Then something amazing happens within 5 minutes.

I will keep it short and straightforward.

Firstly, I could not try ChatGPT before today because it kept on asking me to try later because it was too busy. Today I realized everyone else was able to use it easily. So, I deleted all its cookies from Chrome and voila, it worked.

I was interested in knowing how much of an Artificial Intelligence it was and with all due respect to all the hard working people that have worked on it, I was not impressed. I mean, it will be useful for a large number of people for certain things, but it could not do the one task I asked it to do.

This task was simple. I asked it to provide me with the HTML code of the chat that I had done with it today. And even though it provided me with a basic HTML template but without the content. When I asked it to provide me the entire HTML with the content then guess what it asked me to do. It asked me to “Copy” and “Paste” the contents myself. I mean the content was right there. We just had the very same communication and now I have to “Copy” and “Paste”. This was disappointing.

Well then I did what a developer does. I looked into the source of of the page and copied the HTML like this:

But then the HTML file looked funny so I looked at the ChatGPT’s CSS like this:

And guess what I found there. ChatGPT uses Tailwind. Tailwind is a nice library but I mean come on we are talking about Artificial Intelligence here. They should have at least given it its very own custom CSS just for the sake of it attempting to be AI:

Now I am just saying that its developers should have included the feature of getting a backup of the chat that we do with it. And getting it in the form of a nicely designed HTML file would be a delight. I hope the developers look into it if this ever reaches them.

And yeah, BTW this is the chat that I had with it. This is just some HTML that I created by literally having to “Copy” and “Paste” the above (screenshots) HTML and CSS into the code of this page:


Again, inspite of this disappointment I want to express my respect and support for all the brilliant people who have worked in this.

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