Why is Delhi Developer The Best IT-Company For Delhiites

There are fewer IT companies in Delhi. While there are more in its suburbs like Noida & Gurgaon. Then why should someone choose a Delhi based IT company over its neighbors?

The answer to this question has a lot to do with the nature of IT projects and less with the market. An IT project is not the one in which you could assign a project to someone and wait at your home until it finishes and then take home the finished product. An IT project is instead an incremental project in which in every few days the project has to be validated by the client.

Software Project Management has changed a lot in the past few years. AGILE is the new way of developing software and client involvement is the basic requirement in the AGILE methodology. Each day the client is to review latest developments in the project and give his feed back. And sometimes explaining it can be difficult for the Clients to explain their ideas through email, online chat, or a phone call.

Now imagine that your IT company was in Noida and you have to meet the developer and explain him some changes in the design of your project. And being a Delhiites you will have to travel all the way to Noida. That is more than 65 Kilometers of distance (in one direction) and more than 2.5 hours wasted in travelling. And though the website is the most inmportant aspect for any online business, but there are also other aspects to be taken care of other than the website. You spend 2.5 hours in travelling, at least 1 hour in the meeting with developers and at least 1 hour to get rid of the fatigue of travelling, that is a total of at least 4.5 hours out of which 3.5 are total waste.

Now if you are wasting so much time, then there’s no need to mention that something is seriously wrong. And that thing is the remoteness of your IT company. This is where you need a Delhi based IT company. And why settle for any IT company, go for the best IT company in Delhi which has the mos appreciated working culture.

We, at Delhi Developers strictly follow the AGILE methodology and consider our clients a part of the team. We use a software called Basecamp for our projects and the clients are a member of this basecamp. Basecamp is the most famous and user friendly Project Management Software ever. It is so easy that you will feel like you are using just another Social Networking Website like facebook.

If you want to know more about Delhi Developer and how is it better than other Delhi based IT companies then just visit this page:-

Why Delhi Developer Is The Best IT Company In Delhi



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