Why PHP Is Still Alive & How Long Will It Live?

The biggest irony is that this question is about a programming platform which is used by an estimated 80% of the web. PHP has lived longer than many of us expected it to and will probably live many more years if something disruptive does not happen in the realm of programming languages. Or has it?

Who Uses PHP?

Firstly, we must accept that PHP is still the best solution for simple informative websites and websites with limited requirements of functionalities & scalability. PHP is hence mostly used by small companies with limited budgets and project of limited size.

Why Should Have PHP Died?

Following are some major reasons why PHP should have died a long time ago, but eventually that did not happen.



Why Is It Still Alive?


So Is It Still In Danger?

Oh yes PHP is in serious danger this time! There are new competitors in the market and the most famous one is the mighty Node.js. But to replace PHP Node.js or other new programming languages (like Google’s very own “Go“), will need to have many factors in their favor which are in favour of PHP right now.

In fact, there is a new article coming very soon about “Why Node.js Has Not Replaced PHP Yet?”.


Then How Long Will It Live?

Well, being more than 2 decades old, it has already outlived expectations of almost everyone who knows about it. But if a better CMS, E-Commerce platform, hosting control panel is create for Node.js then very soon PHP might decline much faster than we think. With the advent of Single Page Applications for the web and mobile apps, it is nearly certain that a JavaScript will be the preferred language for full stack developers for both server side and client side scripting. Hiring a single developer for both server and client side scripting will definitely save money for the corporate, which can already be seen in the case study of PayPal. Predicting when Node.js will replace PHP is very difficult. But just for a thoughtful guess, if things go the way they are already going, PHP should not live any longer than 5 to 10 more years. But. You never know!


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  1. Fariana Ramirez says:

    Very harsh reality of PHP right now.

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