6 Different Logo Designs You Should Choose From

A LOGO is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition and give your business an individual identity. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as a wordmark.

There are different types of logo available and these are- 

All these types of logos will give your brand a different feel hence, it becomes difficult to decide which type of logo should be chosen to represent your brand as, the logo is the first thing that someone notices.

So, here is a quick guide for you to decide which type of logo you want for your brand:



    A logo which uses an icon or image is called an Iconic Logo. Using an icon in a logo helps to leave a stronger impact as it is the image that comes to mind when we think about a logo. For ex., logs of APPLE, TWITTER, they have a quick recognition with their icon. So, in order to leave an unforgettable remark, a logo with an icon should be used. And the biggest thing to consider when using an icon is that which image should be used as it will remain with your brand throughout the entire existence. Before going for an icon logo, think if you want to show any emotion or you want to play around something with your name or you want use something that is meaningful.


    The simplest form of a logo is Lettermark logo which comprises of few letters, which are usually company’s initials. Such type of logos are used when there is a company that has a long name. For ex., NASA is much easier to remember than NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION. Right? So, while choosing such kind of logo do remember that font to be used should be impactful and legitimate so it doesn’t get out of mind easily.


    Wordmark type logo are used by the companies that have a catchy and distinctive name which is not easily forgettable. For ex., COCA-COLA, GOOGLE, the names are so different that when used with the correct typography, they have a great impact. The point should not be left unconsidered that it is very crucial that which type of font should be used, for ex., legal agencies or government authorities used heavy fonts whereas fonts used for fashion and beauty are simple and elegant.


    Abstract logos comprises of different geometric forms giving your brand a unique and different feel. Apart from typical logo designs the abstract logos allow you to represent your brand in different way with the use of colours and geometric forms. Brands like ADDIDAS, PEPSI have used such type of logo.


    Mascot logo is an illustrated character, mostly cartoonish, colourful and fun. Mascots have a different appeal to their customers, ex. Like KFC, it creates a different atmosphere and is more likely to remembered by families and children.


    Such type of logos have font written inside an icon or symbol. These logo types gives a feel of tradition and culture, they too have an impact that gets retained in the minds a gives a feel of connectivity. Emblem logos are used by schools, government agencies that makes you feel connected and secure.

Choosing a logo is not an easy task, so these tips might help you with choosing a logo.

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