How to choose colours for your business logo?

Nobody knows your business better than you. So, before picking deciding your logo colour scheme, think about the you want your brand/business to convey.

Colour psychology has a powerful impact on our emotions and behaviours so, choosing a colour scheme is one of the most impactful choices you can make while developing your brand aesthetic. The right logo colours can help you attract the right customers. And choosing the wrong colours can have an adverse effect.

Like, yellow is cheerful and green is calming, so yellow colour used in a logo will depict youthfulness and green colour in a logo will show that the brand has to do something that is organic and natural. Red will Depict energy while blue will emphasize on competence.

So, here are some helpful tips that can help you decide the colour scheme for your logo.


The universal sign of excitement, passion, anger, energy, danger or aggression, warmth and heat. Choosing the red color for your logo can make it feel more dynamic.


An invigorating, modern thinking, playful colour. Use orange to stand out from the crowd. Though it is used less often but still can represent youth, fun, affordability and approachability.


Yellow colour is believed to stimulate appetite, but it is also represents cheer, and your brand will show an affordable and youthful energy. 


It has a strong cultural and traditional associations. It represents growth and freshness, and financial products too. Green colour in a logo is also used if a bran deals with organic or vegetarian food or other products that are natural.


The king of colours, blue colour is mostly used in almost all corporate logos. It symbolizes trustworthiness, professionalism, serious mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calmness. Blue also depict authority and success, so, it is used with both financial institutions and government bodies..


Femininity is often denoted with purple, purple also reflects royalty and richness.


Pink is girly. From pastel pink to magenta, all the pink shades and tints are more for a modern, youthful and luxurious look. Pink is mainly used for products most popular among women.


Rugged, masculine or serious of these words is for you, then, brown will not be a wrong choice.


Black is never out of fashion, sleek, modern and luxurious, these are the words associated with black. 

Every colour has its own meaning and impact in a logo leaving a meaning and a message for people that helps them remember that brand. From a monologue colour logo that reflects a straight and crisp meaning to a colourful logo that signifies variety, all the well-established brands have their logos deeply thought over and they never forget to convey what they are.

So, do give a deep thought over the colour of your logo, it’s important!

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