What all do I need in advance to get my own website built?

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May 21, 2023 09:13 PM 1 Answers General
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I have a business of Baked Cookies. Do I need something in advance for the website designer?

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Delhi Developer
May 21, 2023

Well if you get it developed from us, then all you need in advance is the Domain Name of the website. You can buy a domain name on either godaddy.com or any other domain name registrar. It should cost you at most Rs1500. If you need help in buying a domain name then you can call us for help. Apart from the domain name everything else is provided by us. This includes the Hosting, SSL Certificate & the email service. We encourage a customer to buy their own domain names because the owner of the domain name is the owner of the website. The liability of the genuineness of a business is on the owner of the domain name and not the hosting company or the developer. Almost all developers provide their own hosting and SSL Certificate, so all you need is a domain name and you should search for a catchy name that people can remember easily. I will suggest you to not buy a very long domain name. More than 3 words (with one very short word) are not recommended for your domain name. And yes, remember all you need is a domain name and not the other extra stuff that the domain registrar may want to sell to you. And its your choice if you want to book the domain name for one year, two years or five years. You can always buy it for an year and then renew the next year. I hope this answers your question.

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