What is estimated cost of designing and developing e-learning website, which sells pre recorded video courses?

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Apr 16, 2023 02:50 PM 1 Answers
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Delhi Developer
Apr 28, 2023

You will need Vimeo Video Hosting solution which will cost you Rs20000 per year. Apart from that the e-Learning Website can be developed in a month. The development cost of this website will be Rs50000 plus GST. In this you will be able to:
1. Add courses to the website.
2. Add Video Lectures to your courses.
3. Add notes & files to each lecture.
4. Answer questions posted by your students.
5. Collect online fees from students.
6. Live chat with your students.
The cost can be higher in case you need any more custom features to be built from scratch.
Have a good day!

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